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Join Our Team

Sage & Grace Salon is currently looking for one stylist to join our team as a commission artist.


The perfect person may already be a seasoned stylist with a book craving a low toxic environment with a flexible schedule, or you may even be fresh out of school looking to transition as an assistant before becoming a stylist.

You might be the perfect fit if...

You have an uplifting energy, some might even call you bubbly.


You’re really excited to work with organic and vegan products. This may already be part of your lifestyle and something you want to further explore!


You’re a good listener who loves to learn. You’re constantly seeking new ways to advance in your career and your personal life, and enjoy connecting with and learning from others around you.


You’re self sufficient. Once you learn something, you love the freedom to run with it. You probably already are marketing yourself and taking charge of your career!


Educating your guests on how to have the most success with their hair both in the salon and at home is one of your primary focuses.


You might also have a thing for shopping at Anthropologie *wink*.


If that sounds like you, keep reading!!

Perks & Details

At Sage & Grace, our goal is to grow a vibrant community around organic and cruelty-free products and services. We are dedicated to integrating wellness and fashion, bringing your beauty from the inside out. We feel a responsibility to care for the health of our clients, as well as our environment.

How to Apply

Want to work with us? Please send your resume and brief paragraph about why you want to work at Sage & Grace Salon to Brittany at

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